Piggy circus

Venue Letenské Sady Praha – Tent No. 6
Address Letenské sady 32, Praha
Theatre company Brothers in Trick
Tags Contemporary circus, Puppetry, Buffoonery
Length 35 min
Language English friendly

Have you ever wanted a pig to have wings? Piggy circus will lure to the world of two eccentrics who trust implicitly that if it were like this, the whole world would be more beautiful. Don´t expect any lewdness or smut, there is only tasteful piggy humour. Get carried away on pig´s wings and be sure that sturdy pigs, amazing wildsows as well as little piglets, in other words the whole family, will be on cloud nine. Upwards with a pig!

Piggy Circus is a street family performance of duo The Trick Brothers. This time they have made a street performance in which they introduce an absurd show to the audience. They will attract children as well as adults by their traditional juggling and manipulation with objects and they will also use some elements of puppetry and buffoonery.

Suitable for children 6+. Tickets will be available at the festival’s box office from 11th August 2019.

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