Zero Point 2018

Venue Prague – various venues
Address Praha
Tags Theatre
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Language English friendly

The first edition of Zero Point festival was realized in 2009. Its effort is to present a new provocative and until now unexplored theatre genres and trends of european theatre in the area of dance, physical theatre and performing arts to Czech audience. Festival tries to mediate meetings with outstanding artistic groups and artists for professional and non-professional audience. By the help of this meetings there is an effort to enrich and inspire public and artists themselves. There is possibility to introspect limits of theatre genres and look for new tendencies and impulses. Zero Point is a place for encountering, confrontation and interconnecting.

At the same time with Zero Point there is a week of educative workshops Performing Arts For the Future which aim is encountering of young artist with already established artists and authorities on the field of performing art. The space for changing experiences and gathering contacts arises and creates conditions for future cooperations on world level.

Past events

Praha 1, HAMU 16/7 – 20/7/2018 Workshop with Igor Urzelai, Moreno Solinas and Daina Ashbee
Praha 1, HAMU 16/7 – 20/7/2018 Workshop with David Espinoza
Praha 1, Celetna Theatre 16/7/2018 20:00 Pour
Praha 7, Trade Fair Palace 17/7/2018 10:00 Wood – Wonder – Wave
Praha 1, Celetna Theatre 17/7/2018 20:00 Everywhen
Praha 1, Celetna Theatre 18/7/2018 20:00 Idiot – Syncrasy
Praha 1, Celetna Theatre 19/7/2018 20:00 Constellation II.Time for Sharing
Praha, Werichova vila 20/7/2018 16:00 My Great Work
Praha, Werichova vila 20/7/2018 17:00 Prezentace Master class workshopu PAFF vedeného Davidem Espinosou
Praha, Werichova vila 20/7/2018 18:00 My Great Work
Praha, Werichova vila 20/7/2018 19:00 Perera Elsewhere + TouchieTouchie
Praha, Werichova vila 20/7/2018 22:30 Pitch
Praha, Werichova vila 21/7/2018 16:00 My Great Work
Praha, Werichova vila 21/7/2018 18:00 My Great Work
Praha 1, Divadlo Kampa 21/7/2018 19:00 Miss Amerika
Praha, Werichova vila 21/7/2018 19:00 Lucrecia Dalt + Enchanted Lands


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