Octopus Film Festival 2019

Address ul. Elektryków, Gdańsk
Entry PLN 130
Event's website www.octopusfilmfestival.com
Venue's website www.facebook.com…

For five days, the Gdansk Shipyard will once again turn into a great cinema. As in the previous edition, the organizers guarantee not red carpets, but a chance to watch fascinating genre films together. The programme will include more than thirty genre films from different decades and from different parts of the world, several special screenings taking place in the least expected places in the city. The screenings will be followed by events in the industrial climate of the Gdansk shipyard.

Past events

Gdańsk, W4 11/8/2019 22:15 Octopus: Akira
Gdańsk, Gdańsk – TBA 11/8/2019 21:15 Octopus: Seans ukryty
Gdańsk, WL4 Mleczny Piotr 11/8/2019 20:15 Octopus: Dredd 3D
Gdańsk, B90 11/8/2019 19:00 Octopus: Bird Talk + meeting
Gdańsk, WL4 Mleczny Piotr 11/8/2019 18:00 Octopus: The Rover
Gdańsk, B90 11/8/2019 16:45 Octopus: Torso
Gdańsk, Soundrive Stage 11/8/2019 16:00 Octopus: Monument + meeting
Gdańsk, Soundrive Stage 11/8/2019 14:00 Octopus: Staying Alive
Gdańsk, Soundrive Stage 10/8/2019 22:15 Octopus: VHS HELL live: Breeders
Gdańsk, W4 10/8/2019 22:00 Octopus: eXistenZ
Gdańsk, WL4 Mleczny Piotr 10/8/2019 22:00 Octopus: Escape from New York
Gdańsk, B90 10/8/2019 20:00 Octopus: Aniara
Gdańsk, WL4 Mleczny Piotr 10/8/2019 20:00 Octopus: 2019: Po upadku Nowego Jorku + spotkanie
Gdańsk, Luks Sfera 10/8/2019 18:00 Octopus: Wilkołak
Gdańsk, Soundrive Stage 10/8/2019 18:00 Octopus: Bolero
Gdańsk, B90 10/8/2019 17:30 Octopus: Złota rękawica
Gdańsk, B90 10/8/2019 15:15 Octopus: Happy Face
Gdańsk, W4 9/8/2019 22:00 Octopus: Johnny Mnemonic
Gdańsk, Szaniec Jezuicki 9/8/2019 22:00 Octopus: Mandy
Gdańsk, B90 9/8/2019 19:30 Octopus: In Fabric
Gdańsk, Soundrive Stage 9/8/2019 19:15 Octopus: Mannaja. Człowiek zwany Ostrzem + spotkanie
Gdańsk, WL4 Mleczny Piotr 9/8/2019 18:30 Octopus: Stalker
Gdańsk, B90 9/8/2019 17:30 Octopus: Come to Daddy
Gdańsk, B90 9/8/2019 15:00 Octopus: Synowie Danii
Gdańsk, Plenum 8/8/2019 23:15 Octopus: Mortal Kombat
Gdańsk, B90 8/8/2019 23:15 Octopus: Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway
Gdańsk, W4 8/8/2019 22:00 Octopus: RoboCop
Gdańsk, B90 8/8/2019 21:15 Octopus: VHS HELL live: Superman IV
Gdańsk, Luks Sfera 8/8/2019 20:30 Octopus: Why Don't You Just Die
Gdańsk, B90 8/8/2019 18:30 Octopus: I'm lying now + meeting
Gdańsk, Soundrive Stage 8/8/2019 18:00 Octopus: The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh + meeting
Gdańsk, B90 8/8/2019 16:00 Octopus: Starfish
Gdańsk, Soundrive Stage 7/8/2019 22:15 Octopus: The Head Hunter
Gdańsk, W4 7/8/2019 22:15 Octopus: Tetsuo
Gdańsk, Luks Sfera 7/8/2019 19:15 Octopus: Eegah
Gdańsk, B90 7/8/2019 19:00 Octopus: Pulp Fiction
Gdańsk, Soundrive Stage 7/8/2019 17:00 Octopus: The Wind



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