Festival Alternativa 2018

Address Ke Sklárně 15, Praha 5
Tags Music
Entry CZK 250–700
Event's website www.meetfactory.cz…

The annual festival of dense music from all genre dimensions. Alternativa is devoted to seeking new points of hearing; the music that daringly steps outside all thinkable boxes. The 26th edition that will take place at MeetFactory between 1st and 3rd November, will present music projects of multi-faceted artists highly acclaimed for their relentless sound explorations.

Performing artists

Austria, Sweden
Contemporary folk, Noise, Noise, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi Folk
Experimental, Noise, Death Industrial, Industrial, Power Electronics
Metal, Jazz, Noise, Noise
Electronic, Avantgarde
Australia, Germany
Experimental, Experimental
Metal, Pagan Metal, Queer Metal
Czech Republic
Electronic, Noise, Ambient, Dark, Drone
Jazz, Electronic, Experimental, Noise, Ambient, Noise, Experimental, Avantgarde
Denmark, United Kingdom, Czech Republic
Jazz, Experimental
The Elks
Austria, Germany
Electronic, Experimental
Czech Republic, USA
Jazz, Experimental, Avantgarde
Dead Pigeon Dub
Czech Republic
Alternative/Indie, Experimental
Czech Republic
Experimental, Noise


Stara Rzeka  W Sierpniową Noc  Stara Rzeka – W Sierpniową Noc 4:38 4 ×
Pharmakon  Somatic  Pharmakon – Somatic 2:46 8 ×
Balázs Pándi  Free Will (live)  Balázs Pándi – Free Will (live) 5:49 0 ×
Tony Buck & Magda Mayas  Spill project  Tony Buck & Magda Mayas - Spill project 9:59 1 ×
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