Vernissage Night

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Address Ke Sklárně 15, Praha 5
Tags Vernisage
Entry CZK 2017
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Looking for the East exhibition by french artist Gaëlle Cressent and group exhibition Shell Game open together Kostka Gallery and MeetFactory Gallery season. Two ideas will be mingle during the vernissage evening: fusion of fine arts and music, and the idea of game playing with the fiction and conception of trust vs. fraud.

Shell Game

The shell game is a game based on a trick and a gained trust of bettors. To a considerable extent its rules are based on the ideas of performance and participation. The main protagonist – the “operator” is in a secret relationship with her accomplices who pretend to be a part of the audience. This fact draws anyone from the audience into the performance and makes her automatically a part of the suspicious alliance. We can understand the performance as a metaphor of trust in art itself, trust in what it stands for and what we see in it. To this fact also refers Roman Ondák’s performance Sleight of Hand, which is going to be a part of the group exhibition of the authors Ján Gašparovič, Matej Gavula, Jonáš Gruska and Daniel Grúň – as an artist’s trick playing with reality.

Looking for the East

Music and visual art have always attempted, by accompanying or telescoping, to re-define the limits of their respective domains. And it is indeed the question of limit, territory that poses the artist Gaëlle Cressent with the visual installation and sound called Looking for the East. In the form of a micro event given on the evening of the vernissage, the artist plunges us back into the techno culture she discovered in…

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MeetFactory, Praha 5 19/1 – 19/2 Gaëlle Cressent: Looking for the East
MeetFactory, Praha 5 19/1 – 19/2 Shell Game

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