Tamada's tutorial - A sophisticated guidebook through a false territory

Address Ke Sklárně 15, Praha 5
Tags Contemporary art
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The exhibition attempts to draw partial cartography of rugged landscape in which we are fused. Perhaps the false images, which surround us to create a feeling of happiness, are not so misleading after all. Maybe they are not false in a negative sense – they are just too artfully contrived. Thanks to them we can somehow cope with reality, or at least grasp it. A map, into which an expected error is consciously interweaved as a kind of irrational coordinate, is somehow closer to reality, which is never so clear, as it seems at first glance.

Artist: Vajiko Chachkhiani (GE), Václav Magid (CZ), Oldřich Morys (CZ) Ana Riaboshenko (GE), Guram Tsibakhashvilli (GE), Maya Sumbadze (GE), Performance: Group Bouillon (GE)

Curator: Dusan Zahoransky
Opening: 11the September at 7pm



Fill in the name of nearest stop or street from where would you like to go and search the best transport connection.

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