Josef Sudek: V ateliéru

Address Národní 3, Praha 1
Tags Photography
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Curator Vojtěch Lahoda, Katarína Mašterová

In 1978, at the request of Božena Sudková, sister of the photographer, the art historian Anna Fárová donated more than 13,000 of Josef Sudek’s negatives to the Institute of Art History CAS. One of the largest series of this commercial part of Sudek’s estate are negatives of photographs of paintings, drawings and sculptures by almost 800 artists, whether those who were still living at the time or dead masters, even literally “Old Masters”. In addition to reproductions of art works, the collection contains views of studios and portraits of the artists who worked in them. We have selected ten artists and their studios for the exhibition. The photographs are not presented in original prints which are not extant but in new prints specifically made for this show from Josef Sudek’s original negatives by Vlado Bohdan, a photographer at the Institute. Thus in addition to the sculptors Bohumil Kafka, Josef Wagner, Josef Mařatka and Hana Wichterlová, the studio of the painter Andrej Bělocvětov is found, who enjoyed a close friendship with Sudek. The studios of “lesser” artists whom Sudek liked are also introduced. These are the sculptor Jiří Jaška, and the painters František Zikmund, Vilém Plocek and Emanuel Famíra. Another friend of Sudek’s was Ota Janeček, Sudek’s own studio, hidden in a garden between apartment buildings at Újezd, was described as the alchemical “kitchen” of his creative work. Sudek probably believed that the mystery of the artist is concealed within the space of his studio. As if he was looking for a key to the work of the artist or was asking the viewer to find it.

Opening: 1. 12. 2016 from 18:00



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