Anežka Hošková: Lucifer's the Light of the World IV

Address Kolbenova 923/34 a, Praha 9
Entry Free
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Curator Lucie Nováčková

The end of the year at The White Room is dedicated to the exhibition of Anežka Hošková. In her work visitors can find a connection, for example with the current stream of mystical painting and post-Internet aesthetics. Hošková has been working with media overlays in the past few years; she commonly works also with large-format paintings on gallery walls or installation and performance.

Lucifer’s Light of the World composition by visual artist, musician and poet King Dude served as an inspiration for Anežka Hošková while she was painting her already fourth version of painting of the same name. The work is thematically related to the current trend of mystic painting. Anežka Hošková is a type of person yearning for spirituality in today’s post-secular society. In her work, she uses strong symbols no matter how positive or negative they appear to be in terms of the interpretation, and she does not consider objects’ exact meanings. She includes bizarre objects in her installations, interprets symbols with powerful, not always positive meanings. Anežka exhibits conglomerates of things, images and symbols that introduce right into her inner world where everything is connected – good and bad, one in another, in a world where high is connected to low and true connected to false. In this world full of contradictory attitudes, one cannot doubt the power of experience and its urgency but can doubt its own direction.

Anežka Hošková (born 1982) graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno, Studio of Intermedia (Václav Stratil). She creates drawings, paintings, collages, objects, performative installations. She is a member of A.M.180 Collective. Collective opened A.M.180 Gallery in Prague in 2003 and is also co-organizing annual Creepe Teepee festival of current alternative music in Kutná Hora.



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