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Past concerts

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem Warszawa, Carmelite Church sun 8/7/2018 20:30 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem

About Ewa Vesin

Born in Lublin, Ewa Vesin is a talented singer and teacher. She started her musical education and artistic career in her native city. As an academic teacher at the Karol Lipiński Music Academy in Wrocław and a member of the Polish Association of Teachers of Singing, she has been involved in teaching and preparing the most gifted young people to become opera singers. She puts a special focus on vocal technique, interpretation, vocal hygiene and – by her own experience – on complex preparation to the work on the stage of opera theatres. She mastered her vocal technique and educational competence also at Yale University, USA, with Professor Doris Yarick-Cross and Timothy Shaindlin who recommended her to the Met Opera in New York.


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