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Past events

Acid Plant: Surgeon + Feelaz + more Poznań, Tama fri 22/11/2019 23:59 Acid Plant: Surgeon + Feelaz + more
Essence + DJ Motorola Warszawa, Jasna 1 fri 20/7/2018 23:00 Essence + DJ Motorola
Anja Kraft + Deas + Essence + others Warszawa, Smolna sat 3/3/2018 23:30 Anja Kraft + Deas + Essence + others
Mord: Bas Mooy + UVB + Sleeparchive + others Warszawa, Smolna sat 3/2/2018 23:30 Mord: Bas Mooy + UVB + Sleeparchive + others
Shifted + Essence + Agim + Phil Jensky Warszawa, Smolna sat 6/1/2018 23:30 Shifted + Essence + Agim + Phil Jensky
Bassiani Night + Function Warszawa, Smolna sat 11/11/2017 23:30 Bassiani Night + Function

About Essence

Born and raised in Gdynia in 1983, Artur got his interest in techno culture very early and consequently started attending club parties at the tender age of 14. Soon afterwards, he bought his first records and some time later appeared for the first time in front of club audience. In spite of being devoted to techno – from harsh industrial sounds of UK Techno (Surgeon, Ruskin, Slater) via Berlin dub (Chain Reaction), Motown classics (Pullen, Hood, Mills) to modern Berghain-esque sound – he remains inspired by variety of other genres: ranging from modern classical via IDM, industrial and post-rock experiments to house, disco and modern garage/bass music, all of which leave their mark in his DJ sets.

Since 2004, Essence has been active as a promoter, running gigs in a few clubs in 3City (most notably, Sfinks) and Warsaw (m25, 1500 m2, Jedyne Wyjście). Due to his efforts, the following artists visited Poland: Surgeon, Regis, Steve Bicknell, Female, Elektrabel, Substance, Sleeparchive, Peverelist, Heartthrob, Recyver Dogs, 65D Mavericks, Pacou, Makaton, Damon Wild, Tobias Schmidt, Elektrabel, Dave DK, Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag, Sven Weisemann, Dash, Dry, Marcel Heese…


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