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DNA Miasta

Address ul. Powstańców Śląskich 95, Wrocław
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What comes to mind when we think of a city? Tall grey blocks of flats, clusters of people, perpetual noise, or perhaps a bustling market square, green parks and the sun shining through the skyscrapers? What is a city really like? The answer to these and other questions can be found by exploring the exhibition City DNA, located over 200 metres above the ground at the Sky Tower Viewpoint.

The artists, inspired by urban planning, create visions of the city as seen from many perspectives and with the help of various artistic means. The young painters presenting their paintings as part of DNA of the City enter into a heated polemic with the urban motif. In the majority of paintings, however, one can clearly see the admiration for the dynamics of agglomeration, its sounds, life, multicolourfulness and people. Michał Jędrczak, Magdalena Karwowska, Alicja Kogut, Magdalena Kurek, Jan Wojciech Malik, Barbara Olszewska, Janusz Orzechowski, Stanisław Tomalak and Michał Węgrzyn in their own way attempt to read and convey to us an individual vision of the city, with all its pros and cons. The artists' works encourage us to reflect not only on the city itself, but also on what aesthetics means to us and what is really important.



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