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Rock na Bagnie 2022 Goniądz, Plaża miejska w Goniądzu Rock na Bagnie 2022
Benefice pro Ukrajinu: Dezerter + Zimmer Frei Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov Benefice pro Ukrajinu: Dezerter + Zimmer Frei
Dezerter: Koncert jubileuszowy Warszawa, Palladium Dezerter: Koncert jubileuszowy
Jarocin Festival 2021 Jarocin, Jarocin – various venues Jarocin Festival 2021
Cancelled: Dezerter Elbląg, Mjazzga Dezerter
Dezerter Warszawa, Proxima Dezerter


Dezerter  Nienawiść 100%  Dezerter – Nienawiść 100% 3:19 81 ×
Dezerter  Nic się nie dzieje  Dezerter – Nic się nie dzieje 3:40 34 ×
Dezerter  A jeśli jutra nie ma  Dezerter – A jeśli jutra nie ma 5:10 35 ×
Dezerter  Spytaj milicjanta  Dezerter – Spytaj milicjanta 1:38 32 ×
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About Dezerter

Dezerter is a punk rock band, which was formed in Warsaw in May 1981. The group took the provocative name SS-20 (derived from Soviet nuclear warhead rockets), which it was forced to change during the Martial Law in Poland. Already as Dezerter the band recorded the single Ku przyszłości (1983). In 1985 two compilations with songs by Dezerter were released: Fala and Jak punk to punk. In 1987 Maximum Rock’n’Roll released Dezerter’s first full-length album Underground out of Poland and the first (censored) album in Poland – Kolaboracja. The year 1989 saw the release of another album – Kolaboracja II, and 1990 the album Wszyscy przeciwko wszystkim (released in Poland and France) and a two-month tour of Western Europe and Japan.

The following years of the band’s activity brought records considered highly influential for the Polish independent scene, among others: Blasfemia (1992), Ile procent duszy? (1994), Mam kły mam pazury (1996), Ziemia jest płaska (1997). In the 21st century, three studio albums were released: Nielegalny zabójca czasu (2004); Prawo do bycia idiotą (2010), which was appreciated not only by listeners, but also by the music industry, which was reflected in the Fryderyk 2010 award; and Większy zjada mniejszego (2014). In 2016, after 33 years, the single Ku przyszłości was reissued. And in February 2019, the minialbum Nienawiść 100% was released.

The band actively performs not only in Poland, but also in many European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain) and in the United States. Dezerter’s songs were featured on many compilations and soundtracks of several films (e.g. Wałęsa. Człowiek z nadziei directed by A. Wajda and Dom zły directed by W. Smarzowski).

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