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Past concerts

Dasha – O trochu větší koncert 5 Praha 1, Hybernia Theatre Dasha – O trochu větší koncert 5
Dasha & Epoque Quartet Brno, Governor's Palace Dasha & Epoque Quartet
Maraton hudby Brno 2021 Brno, Brno – různá místa Maraton hudby Brno 2021
Cancelled: 3. Reprezentační ples Prahy 5 Praha 5, Národní dům na Smíchově 3. Reprezentační ples Prahy 5
Dasha & Quartet Praha 7, Gauč na Výstavišti Dasha & Quartet
25. Reprezentační ples na Vinohradech Praha 2, National House at Vinohrady 25. Reprezentační ples na Vinohradech


Dasha  Modlitba  Dasha – Modlitba 3:35 1564 ×

About Dasha

Dasha is one of our busiest musical singer and actress. She holds Thalia Award in 2010 and performs as a soloist Moondance Orchestra Martin Kumžák. Involved in many successful musical projects, has collaborated with Karel Gott and other pop stars of our scene. She has performed in a number of television shows such as TýTý, Queen of Pop at the Opera, Robin Hood, or the path to glory, This was our hit StarDance, when the stars are dancing. – Translated by Automatic service

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