Address Výstaviště Černá louka 3188, pavilon C1, Ostrava

Mixed genre Cooltour Center is the first experimental space for contemporary art in Ostrava, which aims to encourage budding artists and young creative personalities to carry out or assist in the implementation of other socially beneficial projects, develop new talents and enrich the local cultural environment. Independent cultural centre is a combination of artistic laboratory, cultural institutions and community space and provides facilities for meetings and communication of people with the desire and the need to create and contribute to its activities towards building a high-quality public space of the city. By focusing Cooltour represents an attractive alternative to the public within the framework of the social and cultural life.

Cooltour is a place for education, new ideas, artistic growth, music, dance, theatre, media, new forms of cooperation, a new experience, workshops, experiments, self-fulfilment, artistic residences, cinema, exhibitions, community projects, discussions, and what once was not possible. – Translated by Automatic service

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The Hangover
Cyklo blešák
City Market,
Táborák před Cooltourem
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Folklorní tančírna
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