Československá 16 II

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The online screening of the short movies, which will be part of the “International Short Film Festival Brno16” festival, will be available from 2 to 6 December 2020.

The Getaway / Pavol Hirjak / Slovakia 2019 / 14 min. – Two men have escaped from the rehab center Iskřička, having exchanged roles with two members of staff who are left behind in the building. Staff members can only look through the glass door and wait for someone to let them out. Both men, each individually, explore the limits of their newly found freedom.

S P A C E S / Nora Štrbová / Czech Republic 2020 / 8 min. – Animated documentary about the personal story of the director, Nora Štrbová, and her brother, whose brain tumor destroyed his memory centers. The story goes hand in hand with the experimental form of the film which depicts relaxed perception of reality as it changed through time.

R + J / Martina Buchelová / Slovakia 2019 / 6,5 min. – O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? And why do you love Jessika? A satirical short film about soulmates.

Dalšia / Dominik György / Czech republic 2020 / 15 min. – The protagonist has an appointment to get an abortion but she must face evil in the form of a rude nurse. How do you exist in a world where women can’t make decisions about their own bodies and the needs of an individual are ignored? Socialist Czechoslovakia as horror.

4 Days After Christmas / Peter Hoferica / Slovakia 2019 / 12 min. – Christmas is a time of peace and quiet but also family feuds. Brother drives his sister to Bratislava every year and every year they have the same conversations and fights. This comedy excels in its well-timed dialogues and moments when the laughter suddenly dies out.

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