Bogna Burska: Watercolors

Address ul. Bracka 23/28, Warszawa
Entry Free
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Curator Hanna Wróblewska, Joanna Rzepka-Dziedzic

The exhibition of Bogna Burska’s latest works “Watercolors”. The artist’s subtle watercolours are saturated with deep, subcutaneous drama. Abstract paintings hide records of events, emotions and facts.

Bogna Burska studied painting but almost from the very beginning of her artistic activity, she has used a huge variety of means of expression. Two years ago, with her monographic exhibition in Szczecin and Gdańsk, she returned to painting. However, the Watercolors exhibition at Galeria Szara is the first presentation of her art focusing only on painting and drawing.

In her latest works, the artist consciously limits the colour palette. The white canvas is a neutral background for red and red-and-pink shapes, occasionally contrasted with blue elements or highlighted with yellow. Smears, splotches, and smudges somewhat accidentally suggest certain solutions. They evoke associations with bloodstains, floral elements, tears, or drops of liquid under a microscope with the entire microworld inside of them. Sometimes, they resemble the Rorschach test images: it is the viewer who projects the meaning onto them.

The recent paintings by Burska seem to be extremely coherent and consistent with her other works. They do not represent anything (even if they originate from a specific image), they do not explain, they do not describe, they do not campaign: they negotiate. They are mediators between the artist and the world; between the inside and the outside; between the audience and what is beyond. The drawings serve as another form of these negotiations. They present abstracted fragments of reality. Single or more extended motifs (an eye, a moth drinking a teardrop from a corner of the eye, a face), stubbornly reiterated in various settings and colour versions, are like an exercise in sensitivity, a study on vulnerability. Fascination is mingled with anxiety; the desire to touch – with the fear of touch; gentleness verges on pain.

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