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Address Petrská 1132/4, Praha 1 – Petrská čtvrť
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Screening of short films is a part of Iranian Film Festival 2020. The screening will be only with english subtitles.

  • Magralen / Maryam Zarei / Iran 2018– An imaginative boy and his blind younger sister pretend to drive Formula 1 race cars in the dreary scrapyard where they live. He dreams up whimsical scencarios to bring color into his sister’s life, and escape the growing distance between their parents.
  • Funfair / Kaveh Mazaheri / Iran 2019 – A middle-aged man drowning in debt involves his family in a low-stakes scheme to earn quick money. With the help of his cartoon-obsessed son and loving wife, what could possibly go wrong?
  • Manicure / Arman Fayyaz – Following a suicide in a mountain village, the body is prepared for burial in the local cemetery. As the villagers discover the dead woman’s intersexual physicality, her grieving husband is forced to face violent outbursts and threats from the unforgiving community.
  • The People Smuggle / Amir Reza Jalalian / Iran 2018 – A rugged old man living in a border town surrounded by a dense forest earns a living by misleading migrants and directing them onto heavily guarded paths. While smuggling a young couple, and to the detriment to his own business, the man takes a protective interest in the woman and tries to divert her from the inevitable death trap.
  • Zona / Toofan Nahan Ghodrati / Iran 2017 – A man accused of impregnating a woman is required by the court to prove his innocence with a DNA test. The results shatter the very foundation of his existence and trigger a cascading series of unfortunate events.



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