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Janus + Asian Dope Boys Berlin, Säule am Berghain 21/9/2018 23:59 Janus + Asian Dope Boys
Bread&&Butter 2018 Berlin, Arena Berlin 31/8 – 2/9/2018 Bread&&Butter 2018
Creepy Teepee explore: Elysia Crampton & Why Be Praha 7, Studio Hrdinů 2/6/2018 21:00 Creepy Teepee explore: Elysia Crampton & Why Be
Medicine: Why Be + Spiritual Fitness + more Praha 7, Neone 10/3/2017 22:30 Medicine: Why Be + Spiritual Fitness + more


Why Be  Famished 003  Why Be – Famished 003 51:46 68 ×
Why Be  5TARBO1 Followed And Muted  Why Be – 5TARBO1 Followed And Muted 4:06 25 ×
Why Be  Linked Off  Why Be – Linked Off 4:44 10 ×
Why Be  It's A Fine Nextel Deeq  Why Be – It's A Fine Nextel Deeq 3:34 3 ×
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About Why Be

Tobias Lee a.k.a. Why Be is a Korean-born and Berlin and Copenhagen-based producer and DJ who swims in the same stream as Total Freedom and the Janus crew. He views electronic music as a potentially destructive force against the status quo, and does almost nothing conventionally, from his DJing to the way he releases music. Snipestreet is an important milestone in his career: it marks both the first time he’s tried his hand at original productions and his first official EP, released by label Halcyon Veil.


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