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S Vipra


Vipra  Muscoli Oro  Vipra – Muscoli Oro 3:57 0 ×
Vipra  Outro  Vipra – Outro 2:11 0 ×
Vipra  Lotteria Jao  Vipra – Lotteria Jao 2:46 0 ×
Vipra  Presenturo  Vipra – Presenturo 4:03 0 ×
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About Vipra

Prompting strong parallels with ghetto music from Lisbon to Caracas as much as the muggy cyber punk styles of Dracula Lewis or Primitive Art, the Musica Jao EP of the Italian duo showcases a heavy-lidded, red-eyed style defined by screwed hardstyle tropes, salty noise and generally spare, surreally cartoonish arrangements that never quite resolve themselves, suggesting and leaving much to the ‘floor’s imagination.

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