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Future plays

Praha, VILA Štvanice today 20:00 Ticho, nahrává se!
Praha, VILA Štvanice thu 7/2 20:00 Vořezávátka
Praha, VILA Štvanice thu 14/2 20:00 Ticho, nahrává se!
Praha, VILA Štvanice fri 15/2 20:00 Synáčci

Past plays

Synáčci Praha, VILA Štvanice yesterday Synáčci
Morčata Praha, VILA Štvanice 18/1/2019 20:00 Morčata
Ticho, nahrává se! Praha, VILA Štvanice 14/12/2018 20:00 Ticho, nahrává se!
Tygří výběr 2018 Praha, VILA Štvanice 9/12/2018 16:00 Tygří výběr 2018
Synáčci Praha, VILA Štvanice 7/12/2018 20:00 Synáčci
1913 Praha, VILA Štvanice 5/12/2018 20:30 1913

About Tygr v tísni

An independent theatre ensemble Tygr v tísni (meaning ”Tiger in Need”) was founded at the Theatre Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. The group focuses on author’s drama, 20th and 21st century literature adaptations and on finding new forms of theatre in unconventional spaces. The members experiment with forms of cabaret, montage, site-specific, scenic lectures and music or immersive theatre. Through adaptations of biographical and autobiographical literature and essential works of modern literature Tygr v tísni brings a contemporary perspective of young creatives on political and cultural issues and history. The leading personas are director Ivo Kristián Kubák and dramaturgist and author Marie Nováková. Among their notable productions in spaces other than theatre itself is an interactive event Golem of Štvanice , which opened up a opportunity for having Tygr v tísni as a resident of Vila Štvanice cultural space.


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