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Past events

Tančírna ve Stromovce Praha 7, Tiskárna na vzduchu 16/6/2017 20:00 Tančírna ve Stromovce


The Carlson Two  Swing Part II  The Carlson Two – Swing Part II 53:51 267 ×
The Carlson Two  On the Tour 2012 mix  The Carlson Two – On the Tour 2012 mix 41:13 84 ×
The Carlson Swings  It's a swing thing (2012 Munich)  The Carlson Swings - It's a swing thing (2012 Munich) 23:53 50 ×

About The Carlson Two

The Two Carlson is a German electro swing DJ will take care formations, made famous by legendary swing dance hall in Berlin. In 2013, they started working with label founder Balkan Beats, Robert Sok. Their sets will be able to find a unique combination of Balkan klezmer, gypsy jazz and Berlin electro swing. – Translated by Automatic service

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