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The Hardest Rave Of Your Life #2 Berlin, Void 10/10/2018  The Hardest Rave Of Your Life #2


Shvlfce  Tentacles  Shvlfce - Tentacles 51:13 0 ×
Shvlfce  Tartarus  Shvlfce - Tartarus 2:58 0 ×
Shvlfce  Stonefield  Shvlfce - Stonefield 3:59 0 ×
Shvlfce  Descecrator  Shvlfce - Descecrator 3:51 0 ×
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About Shvlfce

Emergence of accelerated forms is the focus of drawings of artist Clement von Holstein aka SHVLFCE. His intricately detailed drawings reveal a seductive new world of stunning forms that fluidly interlace flesh, tech and architecture.

Hyper surrealism can be defined through a complex geometric fabric that hyperbolizes matter and it’s interaction with the laws that govern it. Pioneered by SHVLFCE, this register of composition was developed through studies in architecture, industrial design and illustration. Inspired by process and change, organic and inorganic, Hyper-surrealism engages a more technical driven side of imagery while retaining a classical execution and breathing narrative.

SHVLFCE’s taste in audio hides in the crushing, mechanized depths of Techstep, IDM and Hardcore while maintaining a deep love and connection to techno.


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