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S Saša Niklíčková

Past concerts

Slávek Janoušek + Monty + more Brno, Café Práh 13/4/2018 19:00 Slávek Janoušek + Monty + more


Saša Niklíčková  Lednice (live)  Saša Niklíčková – Lednice (live) 4:21 30 ×
Saša Niklíčková  Tango (live)  Saša Niklíčková – Tango (live) 4:09 20 ×
Saša Niklíčková  Pivo (live)  Saša Niklíčková – Pivo (live) 3:07 16 ×

About Saša Niklíčková

Alexandra Niklíčková (née Čedíková) performs with his authorial creation when accompanied by accordions since 2007. Since the youth dedicated to amateur theatre, is also her musical creation from the very beginning of the intertwined with the theatre. In 2008, she began work with the theatrical group Entirely on their project for the impoverished in the Nusle, Cabaret that has passed the original music. Cabaret won the special award for the chansons at the Prague show POPAD amateur theatres and appeared alongside the theatre DISK as inspiration in the national bike Wolkerova prostejov. Sasha is the author of the music and other performances – Maritime drama PT theatre and crime in the Maletíně Theatre in chains. In 2008 she took part in the contest of amateur singers in Prague’s Semafor Theatre in the Czech Republic is looking for a song, which eventually ended up in the finals.

From 2008 to 2014 was also part of the musical duo the Virgin and Vorel, along with guitarist and singer Tomáš Vorel. Also occasionally collaborates with musician Alex Švamberkem, which among other things in 2009 participated in the project of the Broken key to determining the fates: the life and times of Hildegardy with Radioacustika for the show in the Czech radio or helped create the musical for his performances with dance Butó Roxy NoD or at the theatre on the balustrade. Furthermore, along with Alex and bassist Padlock Vláďou Šťástkou prepared the musical basis for multimedia collage events, which is thematically focused on the stay of the Czechoslovak troops in North Korea, while respecting the ceasefire after the end of the war. The action to be premiered in the autumn of 2013 at the Festival Next Wave.

In 2014, Sasha participated in music competitions and Notování, with the Porta in Notování ended on the second place for the audience and the jury in the first place. On the regional Port in Nymburk has won awards for the best author’s song and also played on international copyright Port in Ústí nad Labem. – Translated by Automatic service


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