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Past concerts

Pohoda Fest 2013 Trenčín, Airport Trenčín 11/7 – 13/7/2013 Pohoda Fest 2013


Sam Lee  The Ballad Of George Collins  Sam Lee – The Ballad Of George Collins 4:04 23 ×
Sam Lee  Good Bye My Darling  Sam Lee – Good Bye My Darling 4:33 15 ×
Sam Lee  Puck's Song  Sam Lee – Puck's Song 5:07 7 ×
Sam Lee  (live)  Sam Lee – (live) 4:59 9 ×

About Sam Lee

“I want to make music for people who had never heard of folk, put it in quite a new way and to challenge what you underneath yet imagined,” said Sam Lee, who with his debut album Ground of Its Own did what in English folk, yet managed only a few. Was nominated for the Mercury Prize, an invitation to the fair WOMEX, found himself on the cover of the magazine fRoots, where he undoubtedly won the prestigious poll of the world’s best world music album. A twenty-two ranking history of European music world did not know they ever had at its peak settled folkař English. And it is quite unnecessary to remind the phenomenal singer Sam Lee also scored highly in the observed Folk Awards announced by BBC radio.

What is so special and what could take outside the English folk scene lanky Jewish boy from North London? Trained sociologist, artist and dancer in burlesque recently that music, let alone folk had actively ignored? For transformation passionate collector of rock and pop in naslouchaného folkaře is a lot of hard work and a chance encounter with traditional songs officially recognized ethnic nomadic Scottish Gypsies / Travellers. With his music to a depth of Sam met last great guardian of oral history Travellers Stanley Robertson of Aberdeen, Scotland. Before he died suddenly, taught myself almost a thousand songs. Netrval intonation and expression, did not put emphasis on imitation of old singers, but the interpretation of stories. Instead of wandering the archives after the teacher’s death, Sam continues to this day in England, Scotland and Ireland in the collection of songs directly from the nomads and then converts them into fascinating forms.

Nestylizuje the same time the role of Traveller singing and quite revolutionary tool přeobsadil current priorities of English folk music: instead of supposedly outdated guitars uses an Indian harmonium, harp and banjo. Irish programmer Gerry Diver with him then the album Ground of its Own entered the electronics, violin and trumpet player, autoharp, piano or metal hang. Outstanding musicians from Sam’s backing band also have a folk actually nothing to come from jazz, classical and experimental rock scene. With Sam’s soft voice make nervous, mysterious and wonderfully wobbly sound collages without erasing most important: the feeling that I still listen to traditional songs originally. Sam does not impose them undignified own ego, diverting attention from the content of centuries-old stories. Non-English, even to non-European musical tone of Sam English folk music has its origins in his confession nepřílišné orientation in folk and popular music world, like for example, highlights the Nordic, mood rozkomíhanou music and art Siberian players on the harp.


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