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Piotr Schmidt Quartet + Wojciech Niedziela Warszawa, BARdzo bardzo 29/5/2019 20:00 Piotr Schmidt Quartet + Wojciech Niedziela


Piotr Schmidt Quartet  Distraction  Piotr Schmidt Quartet – Distraction 4:47 14 ×
Piotr Schmidt Quartet  Stella by Starlight  Piotr Schmidt Quartet – Stella by Starlight 11:07 12 ×
Piotr Schmidt Quartet  Summertime  Piotr Schmidt Quartet – Summertime 7:34 0 ×
Piotr Schmidt Quartet  Hollowness  Piotr Schmidt Quartet – Hollowness 6:26 0 ×
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About Piotr Schmidt Quartet

Piotr Schmidt is one of the most interesting trumpeters of the younger generation, organizer and publisher. His latest project, after Saxesful, is Tribute To Tomasz Stańko. The recordings were made in the best arrangement for the trumpeter: a standard quartet with an excellent pianist Wojciech Niedziela and – which is unusual in the project itself and significant – with musicians who played with Tomasz Stańko: double bass player Maciej Garbowski and percussionist Krzysztof Gradziuk. Piotr Schmidt together with the quartet created a reference to the music of the outstanding, deceased trumpeter using nostalgia and the predatory style of “Stańko's style”. The atmosphere is unusually colourful, the sound plays with the classic aesthetics of “ECM sound,” the poetics of Stańko’s jazz, but also with the excellent sense and distance of the young trumpeter and his band for the trumpeter-mentor and the legend of jazz. Piotr Schmidt is an instrumentalist who does not race with breakneck ideas, but builds his own jazz world with sounds that are themselves arranged into a very interesting, artistic and creative pathos: on the one hand, lyricism and subtlety of the themes, on the other hand, predatory and emotional improvisation. There is some unbelievable “breeze of jazz” in this music, the brilliance of Stańko’s music, but it is not just “tribute”. but sophisticated aesthetics of the beauty of modern jazz. It can be heard not only in the compositions of the whole band so aptly reflecting the mood of the whole tribute-project, but also in the compositions of Piotr Schmidt (Transgress and Serenity) and already in a classic approach in the famous lullaby by Krzysztof Komeda with Rosemary’s Baby.


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