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Past concerts

Deerhunter Booking IV Birthday: Phurpa + Skrei + more Warszawa, Hydrozagadka 20/1/2019 20:00 Deerhunter Booking IV Birthday: Phurpa + Skrei + more
Phurpa + The Nent + Skrei Praha, VILA Štvanice 16/1/2019 19:00 Phurpa + The Nent + Skrei


Phurpa  Boiler Room In Stereo  Phurpa – Boiler Room In Stereo 130:38 25 ×
Phurpa  Fundamental Mantra Of Bon  Phurpa – Fundamental Mantra Of Bon 7:24 56 ×
Phurpa  Gyer Ro (full album)  Phurpa – Gyer Ro (full album) 23:31 2 ×
Phurpa  Conferring Empowerment And Self–Transformation  Phurpa – Conferring Empowerment And Self–Transformation 9:57 8 ×
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About Phurpa

Phurpa is a Russian musical collective and performance group, recording and playing authentic ritual music of Bon, the oldest Buddhist tradition from Tibet, using ritual instruments and special tantric singing technique.

Alexei Tegin, a founding member and leader of the group, started exploring and experimenting with traditional and ritual music in the middle of the 1990s, at a legendary Cardinal Art Factory (Фабрика Кардинального искусства) in Moscow, led by Vladimir Epifantsev, controversial actor, director and propagator of trash-culture. Of crucial importance was his introduction to the spiritual tradition of Bon and Dzogchen and his meeting with singing masters of Gyumay and Gyuto tantric colleges.

Phurpa was formed in 2003, and the project is named after Phurpa Drugse Chempa (phur pa 'brug gsas chem pa), one of the five tutelary deities of the Father Tantra in Bon tradition (this unique deity has a lower part of his body shaped in a form of phurpa, or kīla, three-edged peg/knife, widely used in tantric Buddhist rituals).


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