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Past concerts

Pankix + Noisetrap + Iggy Mayerov Praha 7, Cross Club 9/11/2017 20:00 Pankix + Noisetrap + Iggy Mayerov
Pura Vida Fest: The Prostitutes + Lety mimo + more Praha 7, Cross Club 4/6/2017 15:00 Pura Vida Fest: The Prostitutes + Lety mimo + more
Pankix + Ztracená existence + DJ Kelaselakas Praha 10, Café V lese 20/1/2017 20:00 Pankix + Ztracená existence + DJ Kelaselakas
Radiosmog + Pankix + Finessa Brno, Melodka 10/10/2016  Radiosmog + Pankix + Finessa
Dilated + Dragon + Pankix Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar 14/10/2015 20:00 Dilated + Dragon + Pankix
Five o'clock tea + CTM + Pankix Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar 18/12/2014 20:00 Five o'clock tea + CTM + Pankix


Pankix & Jiří Burian  Číslo  Pankix & Jiří Burian – Číslo 3:43 2 ×
Pankix  Dinosauři  Pankix – Dinosauři 3:45 1 ×
Pankix  Víceúčelová  Pankix – Víceúčelová 3:24 0 ×
Pankix  Bublina  Pankix – Bublina 4:03 1 ×
Pankix & Milan Cais  Digitální stopa  Pankix & Milan Cais – Digitální stopa 3:39 0 ×

About Pankix

The band decided to replace one of the guitars with samplers; this was a radical change of style that moved towards indie rock. However, Pankix has preserved its traditional features – the insistent melody of the vocals, electric violin as well as the energetic rhythm section. The band has been in the Czech scene for over 10 years. Their elaborate songs with catchy melodies have been appreciated by the fans and music critics of various talent shows (winner in competitions Rock Nymburk, Skutečná liga, Dobříš Rock Fest, semifinals round of Broumovská kytara, Battle of the Bands, etc.). Pankix has been the supporting act for tours by Clou and Čechomor; the band also appears on Czech radio stations and festivals, including the most prestigious ones (RFP, Open Air Trutnov, Sázavafest etc.). The band s currently working on its LP record, Taste me.


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