Nigel Kennedy

Classical, Pop United Kingdom
S Nigel Kennedy

Past concerts

Nigel Kennedy Nieporaz, Alvernia Planet 15/9/2018 19:00 Nigel Kennedy
Nigel Kennedy Warszawa, Museum of Jan III's Palace at Wilanów 30/6/2018 21:00 Nigel Kennedy
Nigel Kennedy Praha 4, Prague Congress Centre 14/3/2018 20:00 Nigel Kennedy
Nigel Kennedy Wrocław, Hala Orbita 11/6/2017 20:00 Nigel Kennedy


Nigel Kennedy  East Meets East  Nigel Kennedy – East Meets East 59:52 25 ×
Nigel Kennedy  Antonio Vivaldi: Complete Four Seasons  Nigel Kennedy – Antonio Vivaldi: Complete Four Seasons 12:26 16 ×

About Nigel Kennedy

Kennedy is currently the most popular violinist in the world, and his record sales are in record-highs. He singled out new tracks for successive generations of artists who have been successful both in the field of classical music and mainstream. His virtuoso technique, unique talent and irresistible scenic charm allowed him to bring fresh perspective to both classical and contemporary repertoire.

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