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Past concerts

Nasycen (album release) Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar 26/3/2019 20:00 Nasycen (album release)
Rhea + Nasycen Praha 6, Na Slamníku 20/1/2018  Rhea + Nasycen
Yamrtaal + Nasycen Praha 1, Vagon 29/5/2017 21:00 Yamrtaal + Nasycen


Nasycen  Počítám na prstech prsty  Nasycen – Počítám na prstech prsty 3:15 8 ×
Nasycen  Být slepý  Nasycen – Být slepý 4:52 48 ×
Raven  Počítám na prstech prsty  Raven – Počítám na prstech prsty 3:12 17 ×
Raven  Sítě  Raven – Sítě 3:54 15 ×
Nasycen  Tra La La  Nasycen – Tra La La 4:09 14 ×

About Nasycen

Sated is four Prague rock group. The music and lyrics are singer and keyboardist and guitarist Zdeněk Raven Wild. The bass is the co-founder of the band Ilja Kucera ml., Drums also a member of the original lineup Pavel Ivanovský. The band originally worked at the turn of the 80th and 90 years old when she released her debut album Tightrope (1990), the scene in the new form returned after twenty years of break the fall of 2011 and in November 2013 issued eponymous album saturation. – Translated by Automatic service

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