Máš umělecké střevo?

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S Máš umělecké střevo?

About Máš umělecké střevo?

Do You Have a Knack for Art? is an international presentation of student projects, which are related to contemporary society and fine art.

The competition was established in 2009 as an independent educational platform, which is based on the collaboration with gallery institutions. From the beginning, there is the National Gallery in Prague, Centre for Contemporary Art DOX and the Moravian Gallery in Brno. Furthermore, the project is supported by the Galerie Rudolfinum and several regional galleries. In 2015 international galleries such as the Slovakian National Gallery in Bratislava and the Ludwig Múzeum in Budapest.

Since 2012, the competition is part of the special events programme of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. Each year we are able to address and introduce our programme to most high and grammar schools in the Czech Republic. Student groups work during the whole school year on the projects, which are then sent to the organizing institution. The competition’s finale takes place in a different institution each year. After evaluating the presentation of individual projects the jury chose the most interesting one. The winner is awarded the Knack for Art Prize.


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