Magazyn Kultury

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About Magazyn Kultury

Magazyn Kultury is located at Kazimierz district in Cracow. Its aim is to promote broadly understood culture and art. It has been operating efficiently since mid-2010. It organizes exhibitions, film screenings, slam poetry, slide shows, concerts, vernissages, workshops and many more. Magazyn Kultury is also a DKF affiliated to the Polish Federation of Discussion Film Clubs. The organizers focus on studio, non-commercial and niche cinema. Wanting to revive the idea of ​​DKF, promoting ambitious cinematography, they associate film art lovers, who not only want to deepen their knowledge in this field, but also intend to take an active part in popularizing valuable artistic phenomenas. Each screening is preceded by a professional lecture and ended with a discussion. There are also meetings with theoreticians, critics, filmmakers, people of art and science. The concerts are Magazyn Kultury’s specialty and their atmosphere dissolves boundaries between the artists and the audience.

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