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Punk, Psychobilly, Horror Germany
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Past concerts

Mighty Sounds 2018 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 13/7 – 15/7/2018 Mighty Sounds 2018
Fest Pod Parou 2014 Moravská Třebová, Moravská Třebová – Udánky 31/7 – 2/8/2014 Fest Pod Parou 2014


Mad Sin  Cursed  Mad Sin – Cursed 3:22 69 ×
Mad Sin  Nine Lives  Mad Sin – Nine Lives 4:18 98 ×
Mad Sin  She's Evil  Mad Sin – She's Evil 2:19 10 ×
Mad Sin  Burn And Rise  Mad Sin – Burn And Rise 3:22 8 ×
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About Mad Sin

Mad Sin is a German psychobilly band founded in 1987 in Berlin. Mad Sin was founded in 1987 by singer Köfte, guitarist Stein and bassist Holly as a street and pub band. As early as 1988, the band signed their first recording contract with Maybe Crazy Records and released their album Chills & Thrills In a Drama of Mad Sin & Mystery that same year. After releasing one album each year between 1990 and 1993, the band goes on tour in Holland in 1996, where they sign a recording contract with Count Orlok Records. With the 1996 released album God Save the Sin and the following support gigs for bands such as Gwar, Suicidal Tendencies and Faith No More Mad Sin reaches a larger audience for the first time. In 1998, the major label Polydor becomes aware of the band and takes them under contract. After the album _…Sweet and Innocent? … Loud and Dirty! _, Polydor does everything in their power to resign from the contract with Mad Sin and finally settles for a severance pay, prompting Mad Sin to take a longer break. After a few member changes, the band turns to People Like You Records in 2002 and the album Survival of the Sickest is released. By the end of 2003, the band will be playing over 140 shows in Europe, the US and Japan. In 2005 the album Dead Moon’s Calling comes out and Mad Sin go on tour with the Turbo A.C.'s and Smoke Blow. In 2006, guitarist Tex Morton leaves the band, but they quickly find replacement in “Mad Pete 1”, who previously played as “necropete” with Nekromantix. From late April to late May 2006, Mad Sin toured the US again. During this tour, Chip Hanna, known as Drummer, acquired from the U.S. Bombs and One Man Army, Andy Laaf, Tex Morton and Valle for his Country/Americana project, which has since become known as Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three.

In October 2012, Matt Voodoo had to leave the band because he appeared on The Voice, without having previously discussed it with the other members.


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