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Pohoda Festival 2018 Trenčín, Airport Trenčín 5/7 – 7/7/2018 Pohoda Festival 2018
Kronos Quartet Brno, Sono Centre 22/11/2014 19:00 Kronos Quartet


Kronos Quartet With Bryce Dessner  Tenebre (full album)  Kronos Quartet With Bryce Dessner – Tenebre (full album) 15:12 113 ×
Kronos Quartet  Npr Music Tiny Desk Concert (live)  Kronos Quartet – Npr Music Tiny Desk Concert (live) 19:36 57 ×
The Kronos Quartet  live  The Kronos Quartet - live 80:04 65 ×
Kronos Quartet  live  Kronos Quartet – live 56:26 28 ×
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About Kronos Quartet

Kronos Quartet is a String Quartet founded in 1973 by the American violinist David Harrington, which is more than thirty years systematically involved mainly in the interpretation of new music. In the years 1978-1999 had a permanent cast: David Harrington and John Sherba-violin, Hank Dutt-viola and Joan Jeanrenaudová-cello. Since 1999, played the cello, Jennifer Culpová, since 2005, Jeffrey Zeigler. Since 1978, the Kronos Quartet, based in San Francisco, California.

The basis for the work of Kronos Quartet is a long-term cooperation with many outstanding composers. David Harrington commented: “I'm looking for music, which is a specific expression of emotion. When I talk with the composer, talking with them on that level. I don't want to write just another song in the series. I yearn to the most impressive musical work. ” To co-workers, many composers include file, the larger the minimalism. One of them is Terry Riley, whose work with the Kronosem contains the composition “Cadenza on the Night Plain”, “Salome Dances for Peace” and “Sun Rings”. Important was also the collaboration with Philip Glass, Arvo Pärtem, Kevin Volansem and Steve Reich, whose “Different Trains”, which Kronos Quartet recorded, won a Grammy. During the existence of the file it was created over 600 songs.

Kronos Quartet, in addition to classical music dedicated to the music, hitting into other genres, including folk music, old, experimental and contemporary world music. The Kronos Quartet at the concerts appeared eg. Allen Ginsberg, the Modern Jazz Quartet, David Bowie or Bjork. Kronos Quartet has participated in recordings of musicians, including Dave Matthews, Nelly Furtadová, Rokia Traoreová, Joan Armatradingová, and Don Walser. File uploaded the soundtracks for the films Requiem for a dream, 21 grams, or fountain. Their music also used well-known choreographers such as Merce Cunningham, Twyla Tharp and the duo Eiko & Koma. – Translated by Automatic service


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