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Upcoming concerts

10969 Berlin, Ritter Butzke sat 15/12 23:59 Draußen Ist's Schöner: Eagles & Butterflies + Kalipo (live) + more

Past concerts

Summer Contrast Festival 2018 Rogalino, Rogalino 8/8 – 13/8/2018 Summer Contrast Festival 2018
Bassmatico: Kalipo + Filip Foreigner + more Praha 7, Cross Club 28/4/2017 21:00 Bassmatico: Kalipo + Filip Foreigner + more
Kalipo + Ambassadeurs Praha 3, Palác Akropolis 25/5/2016 19:30 Kalipo + Ambassadeurs
Bassmatico Cross: Kalipo + Philip TBC + X.Morph + more Praha 7, Cross Club 1/5/2015 20:00 Bassmatico Cross: Kalipo + Philip TBC + X.Morph + more
Festival Spectaculare 2015: Throwing Snow + Kalipo Praha 3, Palác Akropolis 30/1/2015 19:30 Festival Spectaculare 2015: Throwing Snow + Kalipo


Kalipo  Banana Garden  Kalipo – Banana Garden 4:26 15 ×
Kalipo  Dyson  Kalipo – Dyson 5:21 2 ×
Kalipo  Yaruto  Kalipo - Yaruto 5:18 218 ×
Kalipo  Lux  Kalipo - Lux 4:42 162 ×
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About Kalipo

Kalipo is Jakob Häglsperger, a Bavarian born producer who has made a name for himself as a producer for Marcus Wiebusch, Ira Atari, pandoras box and Fuck Art, Let’s Dance, but is more widely known as a member the German electro punk outfit Frittenbude for which he has produced three albums. As Kalipo, the now Berlin-based artist goes into a different and less wild musical direction, blending lush House rhythms with trance inducing Techno beats somewhere between 110 and 130 bpm while also taking cues from Downbeat and Gamelan traditions. With synthesizers, micro samples and acoustic instruments, Häglsperger intuitively builds melancholic yet driving arcs of suspense which are best to be enjoyed on a hazy Sunday afternoon at home on your couch and will also increase your endorphins on a Saturday night. In his energetic live sets, the renowned producer makes use of his extensive array of analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

Influenced by Viennese style Downbeat and Hip Hop, Häglsperger started producing his own music in the late 1990es before taking up DJing. For a while Häglsperger considered DJing to be his main outlet, touring the clubs under a variety of different monikers. In those days record stores were still more important than online portals, the music industry hadn’t yet collapsed and DJing still was a job that provided a lot of challenges. After the infrastructures had decisively changed and the scene had become more fast moving than ever, Häglsperger lost interest in this occupation and decided to focus exclusively on his career as a producer, trying to develop a live set that drew on the experiences he has made as a DJ in hope of achieving a both unique and timeless sound.

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