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Upcoming concerts

Praha 5, Jazz Dock 14/1/2019 22:00 Jaromír Honzák Quartet

Past concerts

Jaromír Honzák Quintet Ostrava, Klub Parník 7/12/2018 18:00 Jaromír Honzák Quintet
Pocta Čp.8 (album release) Praha 6, Kastan 8/11/2018 20:00 Pocta Čp.8 (album release)
Jaromír Honzák: Pochopení improvizace Praha 5, Jazz Dock 6/11/2018 14:00 Jaromír Honzák: Pochopení improvizace
Phoenix Quartet Praha 5, Jazz Dock 17/10/2018 19:00 Phoenix Quartet
Jeremy Chapman's Quartal Steps Praha 1, U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club 21/9/2018 21:00 Jeremy Chapman's Quartal Steps
Jaromír Honzák Quartet Praha 5, Jazz Dock 9/9/2018 21:00 Jaromír Honzák Quartet


Jaromír Honzák  Faraway  Jaromír Honzák - Faraway 5:16 150 ×
Jaromír Honzák  Getting There Together  Jaromír Honzák - Getting There Together 10:30 201 ×
Jaromír Honzák Quintet  Constant Struggle  Jaromír Honzák Quintet - Constant Struggle 9:13 122 ×

About Jaromír Honzák

New musical visions, great talents, original compositions, unity in musical thought, supreme craftsmanship and sophisticated inventiveness – the Jaromír Honzák Quintet offers all that, and a lot more: an elite musical unit in the Central European region, speaking the language of jazz, but open to all musical influences and full of creative energy. The Quintet features some of the most promising talents of the younger Czech generation – the rhythm section consisting of Jaromír Honzák, Martin Novák and Vít Křišťan topped up by the guitar hero David Dorůžka. For the current tour Radek Zapadlo is joining the group to further pursue the already excited inventiveness.

The new recording of the Jaromír Honzák Quartet aptly entitled Uncertainty takes brilliant, enigmatic and convincing music steps out of jazz territory and approaches a wide range of open-minded music fans. Their artistic genuineness and honesty will certainly not leave you untouched.

The bandleader Jaromír Honzák started to play jazz with the group, Naima in Prague. He also performed alongside Karel Velebný, Karel Růžička and Emil Viklický. Throughout time he has matured as a craftsman, but what’s more importantly so, into an inventive composer with a remarkably original sound. Besides Face of the Bass, Honzák leads his own international quintet, he is also a member of Sato-San To and The Eben Brothers group.

He likes to surround himself with the cream of the crop of the Czech scene and his current bandmates definitely qualify. David Dorůžka is no longer a promising talent, he is a thoroughly developed and matured artist with a clear vision of his musical path. His more than a decade old debut album was entitled Hidden Paths, but there seem to be not many more musical paths hidden for him – he has played with virtualy everybody in the Czech jazz scene and he enjoys crossing genre boundaries every once in a while. His cross over project with Tiburtina Ensemble as well as sideman works with various bands make him one of the most versatile musicians around. Vít Křišťan is another of those musicians who do not like to be boxed or labeled. He enjoys jazz in all forms, but he does not hesitate to delve in hip-hop, electronica or pop. Recently he started singing and we hope to hear from him more along these lines. Drummer Martin Novák has been succesfuly helping to create a new sound for a great local pop musician Lenka Dusilová and simultaneously enjoying the freedom of jazz in several bands including Dorůžka´s Trio. Radek Zapadlo may be respected as a great tenor saxophone player well rooted in a jazz tradition, however, he has met new challenges with the clarinet recently. His sound on the clarinet is as original as the one on the saxophone. That is already some degree of success.

Honzák´s new music comes from his most recent album Uncertainty and it bears all the trade marks we usually associate with the name Honzák. It can sound chamber and intensive at the same time, but it will certainly entice the listeners to his unique music world.

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