Inner Spaces

Jazz Czechia, Poland
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Past concerts

Inner Spaces Praha 5, Jazz Dock 16/2/2018 19:00 Inner Spaces
Inner Spaces Praha 1, U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club 15/2/2018 20:30 Inner Spaces
Inner Spaces (album release) Praha 5, Jazz Dock 23/2/2017 19:00 Inner Spaces (album release)
Inner Spaces Praha 5, Jazz Dock 20/2/2017 22:00 Inner Spaces
Inner Spaces Opava, Klub Art 16/2/2017 19:00 Inner Spaces

About Inner Spaces

Inner Spaces is a Czech-Polish quintet, which in 2011 released his debut album. The band’s eponymous album bundled with the Polish magazine Jazz Forum. The current assembly consists quintet alongside trumpeter and pianist Štěpánka Balcarová Vitus Křišťan two Polish musicians, Max Mucha (bass) and Grzegorz Maslowski (drums).


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