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About Floex

Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex- clarinetist, composer, producer and multimedia artist from Prague (Czech Republic). His music is characteristic by unique exploration of electroacoustic nexus and deep atmospheric mood of his tracks. He continuously widens his musical focus by experimenting in the interactive multimedia field.

From childhood he has been learning clarinet which later becomes the key instrument for his music – not only as “instrumental signature” but also as way of his compositional approach. In 1996 Tomáš started to compose under his project name “Floex”. His debut album Pocustone (2001) bridges relatively isolated genres such as nu-jazz, electronic and modern contemporary music. The album was highly critically acclaimed not only in the Czech Republic and gained several awards (Angel Award 2001 and Nomination to Europian Qwartz Awards).

He is well known for his cooperation with Amanita Design on the soundtracks for the games Samorost 2 (2006) and Machinarium (2009). Machinarium OST gained massive reaction by both fans and critics and was selected as the best 2009 soundtrack according world’s number game magazine – PC Gamer.

Ten years after the debut in 2011 Floex releases new album Zorya. Probably most profound album up to date is going further in exploration of acoustic music (especially classical minimalism), soundtrack music and contemporary electronic. Album which takes as symbol Slavic night guard goddess “Zorya Polunochnaya” explores more deep, subconscious and nightly moods of music. However don’t be mistaken, this may be Floex most energetic album up to date – very adventurous, almost storytelling. Zorya received two Angel Awards (Cezch sort of Grammy Awards) in Electronic music and Alternative music category and also has been nominated to Apollo and Vinilla Awards.

In 2013 Tomáš starts cooperation with Germany label Denovali Records releasing Gone EP featuring remix by Hidden Orchestra. Tomáš is also author of several unique interactive multimedia installations and performances (RGB, Crossroad, Live Score) which he created mainly in 2002-2007 while studying at Prague Academy of Visual arts. His recent work Archifon I and Archifon II is based on idea of making big interactive instruments from the buildings interiors via mapping (www.archifon.org). It was made together with Daniel Gregor and gained international succes being featured in BBC World, Forbes, Wire , Discovery Channel and more.

At the moment Floex is performing live with his band – Sára Vondrášková - vocals and keyboards, Tomáš Dvořák – electronics, clarinet and midiclarinet, Jirka Javůrek – clarinet, midiclarinet and bas clarinet, Marián Petržela – drums!

Past concerts

Hudební festival FreiPlatz Opava – různá místa, Opava 25/5 ‑ 26/5/2018 Hudební festival FreiPlatz
Festival Spectaculare: Max Cooper + support: Floex + more Roxy, Praha 1 thu 8/2 21:00 Festival Spectaculare: Max Cooper + support: Floex + more
Spaceful: Josef Sedloň + Floex + J Lock Klubovna 2. patro, Praha 1 19/5/2017 22:00 Spaceful: Josef Sedloň + Floex + J Lock
Milton Bradley + Pluge + more Futurum Music Bar, Praha 5 22/4/2017 22:00 Milton Bradley + Pluge + more
Akropolis Multimediale: Eivind Aarset Band + Floex Palác Akropolis, Praha 3 22/11/2016 19:00 Akropolis Multimediale: Eivind Aarset Band + Floex
1. narozeniny Dlabačova Dlabacov Cinema, Praha 6 21/10/2016 16:00 1. narozeniny Dlabačova

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