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Future plays

Praha 1, Archa Theatre wed 3/4 20:00 Amerika
Praha 1, Archa Theatre thu 4/4 20:00 Tichý Tarzan
Praha 1, Archa Theatre fri 5/4 20:00 Hráč
Praha 1, Archa Theatre sat 6/4 20:00 Vitka

Past plays

Mein Švejk Brno, Castle Špilberk Brno 25/6/2018 19:30 Mein Švejk
Vitka Ostrava, Divadlo Petra Bezruče 31/5/2018 19:00 Vitka
Triptych (Matka. Služka. Panna) Praha 1, Archa Theatre 22/4/2018 20:00 Triptych (Matka. Služka. Panna)
Dynastie (Lehnman Brothers) Praha 1, Archa Theatre 21/4/2018 20:00 Dynastie (Lehnman Brothers)

About Divadlo Husa na provázku

The Goose on the String Theater is a leading Czech experimental theater in Brno, founded by a group of professional artists in 1967. With its unusual authorial productions and exceptional theatrical forms, the face of contemporary Czech theater is shaping up. The theater regularly hosts both Czech and foreign venues, participates in international and domestic festivals, and hosts international festivals and projects.


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