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Past plays

Poledne Malovice, Plum Yard 13/10/2018 19:00 Poledne
Poledne Praha 7, La Fabrika 22/8/2018 19:30 Poledne
Poledne Plzeň, Moving Station – JOHAN 21/8/2018 20:00 Poledne
8 Malovice, Malovice 15/8/2018 21:00 8
8 Malovice, Malovice 14/8/2018 21:00 8
8 Malovice, Malovice 13/8/2018 21:00 8

About Divadlo Continuo

Divadlo Continuo is an international independent theater group led by director and artistic director Paul poking. Since 1995, the group permanently resides and works in a small village Malovice, 25 km from the Czech Budejovice, in the former farmstead named Plum Court.

The theater Continuo is virtually impossible to classify in terms of genre. Movement, physical acting, dance, circus art, live music, as well as a distinctive artistic stylization – all this creates a unique poetic style of individual productions. The creator Continua is not very important whether their work will be characterized as physical or visual theater, as well as an actor, Continua is not important whether playing or dancing. More important than questions of aesthetics and style is essential for members of the Continua a search of the topic, the need to work together, to wonder, to be surprised by, learn, develop, and results shared with the audience.

For acting in Continua is characterized by the search of authentic, personal expression combining visual character and physical acting, rhythm and musicality. For daily regular acting work includes acting trainings, workshops, continuous acquainted with acting, voice and dance techniques as well as individual and shared laboratory and research work. Theatre and consciously follows the tradition of the creators of the second stage of reform. – Translated by Automatic service

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