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Die Kassierer  Das Schlimmste Ist, Wenn Das Bier Alle Ist  Die Kassierer – Das Schlimmste Ist, Wenn Das Bier Alle Ist 3:13 0 ×
Die Kassierer  Ich Muss Kacken  Die Kassierer – Ich Muss Kacken 2:36 0 ×
Die Kassierer  Du Willst Mich Fisten  Die Kassierer – Du Willst Mich Fisten 2:36 0 ×
Kassierer  Rudelfick Im Altersheim  Kassierer – Rudelfick Im Altersheim 2:00 0 ×
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About Die Kassierer

Die Kassierer are a German punk band from Bochum-Wattenscheid. In 1985, the group was founded in the cast Wolfgang Wendland, Mitch Maestro and Volker Wendland. The name goes back to the legend that the members sat together at the cash desk of a self-organized concert and spontaneously founded a band. After temporarily changing the guitar line-up, Nikolaj Hagemeister joined the band.

After a first single and the LP Sanfte Strukturen, on which the band still presented a musically versed mixture of punk and cabaret, Die Kassierer got some more attention during the 1990s because of their polarizing lyrics and performances. On the Düsseldorf punk label Teenage Rebel Records the band released their album Der heilige Geist greift an in 1993. It was style-defining for all further records and showed the typical stylistic elements of the band. The often exaggerated and explicit lyrics led to applications for the indexing of this album, as well as the following LP Habe Brille. Allegations such as sexism, glorification of violence or ethical disorientation were, however, always refuted because the decision-making body could always be convinced of the satirical character of the music. These decisions contributed significantly to the fact that the band was increasingly perceived in an “art” context. In 1997, Die Kassierer were able to surprise their critics with the CD Taubenvergiften, which contained only cover versions of songs by the cabaret artist Georg Kreisler. Two years later, followed the album Musik für beide Ohren, and 2003, the record Männer, Bomben und Satelliten. In 2005, the tribute sampler _Kunst! _ Was released for the 20th anniversary of the band, featuring Kassierer songs by interpreters such as the Donots, Hennes Bender, Mambo Kurt, Gunter Gabriel, the Lokalmatadoren, Emscherkurve 77, Brigade S., and Bela B. and Rod of Die Ärzte (as “2 Fickende Hunde”). In 2010, Physik was the first new album by Die Kassierer in seven years.


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