Cink Cink Cirk

S Cink Cink Cirk

Past plays

Dukto Praha, Letenské Sady Praha 28/8/2018 20:30 Dukto
Dukto Praha 7, Cross Club 25/7/2018 19:30 Dukto
Dukto Plzeň, Mlýnská strouha 16/7/2018 21:00 Dukto
Dukto Praha 7, Cross Club 10/7/2018 19:00 Dukto
Dukto – Cinkcinkcirk Jihlava, DIOD 7/2/2018 19:30 Dukto – Cinkcinkcirk
Dukto Praha 7, Jatka78 14/7/2017 19:30 Dukto

About Cink Cink Cirk

Novocirkusová a group of six young performers, who make up their own, slightly crooked deck world, met about a year and a half in the Centre for new circus-at this occasion Cirqueon. All are dedicated to art since childhood. Anyone conjures up, somebody dancing and playing, for example, or a musical instrument. Cirqueonu is brought to the desire to develop in novocirkusových disciplines, such as aerial acrobatics on the shawl or Trapeze, ground solo or couples acrobatics, juggling, but should also be a pantomime. I guess it was fate, but also a large dose of luck that we all met and have found that they can form their own joint art, although each in its own peculiar way. The skills gained by experienced lecturers, but also each other by themselves, reflected in their first joint production, Cink?. – Translated by Automatic service


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