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Charles Bradley  How Long  Charles Bradley – How Long 3:56 10 ×
Charles Bradley  No Time For Dreaming  Charles Bradley – No Time For Dreaming 2:53 6 ×
Charles Bradley  The Telephone Song  Charles Bradley – The Telephone Song 3:49 3 ×
Charles Bradley  I Believe In Your Love  Charles Bradley – I Believe In Your Love 3:49 4 ×
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About Charles Bradley

Never won any music awards, to enter heaven probably much sooner than in any hall of fame, but include šestašedesátiletý had the singer and his life story to the wonders of modern music. Soul giant Otis Redding about myself blessed memory said that sings heart. Charles Bradley us today at concerts spanning the emotional peaks of soul Mass. 60 years recalls exactly what it means. It has an incredibly soulful, beautiful husky voice, which reflects the grief, social empathy and most of all happiness found in music, which for most of his life he could not pay. Their debut album No Time For Dreaming Bradley is released in the year 2011. He was blessed sixty-three years.

"It’s as if you by the spirit of James Brown spoke God and you can not decide whether to kneel or dance. It’s hard to do both at once, but maybe it’s time to try it now, "wrote the American journalist Bradley Jennifer Kelly. The American Dream? Good fortune? Coincidence or voice? Yes, the first thing Bradley’s voice, which is confirmed by two identical situation: Gabriel Roth, co-owner of the New York label Daptone Records came to performances Black Velvet alias Charles Bradley, imitating James Brown and the place to sign an agreement. He could not believe what he had just experienced.

Bradley was born in 1948 in Florida. The mother left him at eight months and the father he never knew. Raised by his grandmother and when the mother for him after eight years back that took him to New York, where he lived with his siblings, was a stranger to him. He stuck it out with them in utter poverty to sixteen, then escaped and wandered the streets homeless. She saved him work for government Job Corps: become a chef, traveled throughout the states and always dreamed of becoming a singer. In 1996, at the urging of the mother returned to New York: find a job and also ill mysterious fever. At the hospital, he injected penicillin, without the knowledge that is allergic to it, so then the doctors put a lot of work to pull it gravedigger’s shovel. We did, but in a few days he shot his brother, so Bradley again fell to the bottom. Without the resources as a mortgage on his mother’s house in the neck. Family and children given up long ago.

Then it was probably God’s deeply religious sheep took pity and directed the publisher to the club. Bassist and composer Roth aka Bosco Mann currently leads the band The Dap-Kings, which permanently accompanies singer Sharon Jones, but also filmed with Amy Winehouse album Back to Black. Busy Roth Bradley therefore entrusted to the care of guitarist and producer Thomas Brennecke: from 2002 to the album release No Time For Dreaming together with a remarkable singer looking especially the way. Throughout said Brennecke mainly just listened incredulously Bradley narrative and gradually persuaded him to set to music. Most of the texts themselves then Bradley erupted when launched Brenneckova packed with funky-soul group Menahan Street Band with horns and psychedelic guitars.

Before coming debut, released several successful singles. Anchored in the past: they rely solely on analog studio, synthetic neo soul pop them is against the grain. It would, moreover, Bradley ballad songs touch on personal pain literally desecrated. "I do not think I could shoot a similar way to someone else. The intimacy of our friendship is transmitted into the intimacy of folding. Charles' stories are no fantasy, but true, "said Brennecke. Charles Bradley gave many interviews in which he described his miserable life, but the most intense of all tells the camera director Poullu Brien in the documentary Soul of America. He woke up in 2012, the same sensation as Bradley board.

"Victim of Love never obtained any awards for originality, almost all the songs remind you of the late 60th years of James Brown, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and James Carr. Yet you will be listening shivers up your spine, "he wrote in a review for Bradley last year’s second album, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Mojo and among the most electrifying soul recordings in recent years. "What is the soul? Music hiding deep inside all your suffering, “says Bradley and his heart-breaking my voice,” aquiline shouting "gestures with arms outstretched, kneeling on the stage and hugging audience after the concert can trust. Charles Bradley nevyprodává beating of his life, it just explodes with joy that it has perhaps behind and finally can do what he so longed for: singing soul and funky with properly primed for the band way back when “I feel happy for him, but with him. ” – Translated by Automatic service


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