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Bülent Ceylan  Wir Türken  Bülent Ceylan – Wir Türken 6:18 0 ×
Bülent Ceylan  Aslan Der Gemüsehändler  Bülent Ceylan – Aslan Der Gemüsehändler 7:01 0 ×
Bülent Ceylan  Ich Bin Kein Rassist Aber  Bülent Ceylan - Ich Bin Kein Rassist Aber 3:45 0 ×
Bülent Ceylan  Anneliese Und Ihr Mann  Bülent Ceylan – Anneliese Und Ihr Mann 7:02 0 ×
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About Bülent Ceylan

Bülent Ceylan is a German comedian. In 1998, during his internship with the broadcaster VIVA, he joined the comedy writer Roland Junghans, with whom he still works today. In 2002, Ceylan made its nationwide breakthrough with his Döner for one program for the first time. To date, he has received several awards, and presented various other programs as a comedian.


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