Bharata Rajnošek B.and

Jazz, Fusion Czechia
S Bharata Rajnošek B.and

Past concerts

Rajnošek B.and Praha 1, Jazzboat 18/11/2018 20:30 Rajnošek B.and
Rajnošek B.and Praha 1, Jazzboat 16/10/2018 20:30 Rajnošek B.and
Rajnošek B.and Praha 1, Jazzboat 14/10/2018 20:30 Rajnošek B.and
Rajnošek B.and Praha 1, Jazzboat 23/9/2018 20:30 Rajnošek B.and
Rajnošek B.and Praha 1, Jazzboat 26/8/2018 20:30 Rajnošek B.and
Rajnošek B.and Praha 1, Jazzboat 29/7/2018 20:30 Rajnošek B.and


Rajnošek B.and  Childhood  Rajnošek B.and - Childhood 4:31 40 ×

About Bharata Rajnošek B.and

Rajnošek b.and composes and performs his own material. His rendition of jazz connects dominant melody with free-jazz approach. The material is written only by bharata rajnošek; he is also the most dominant soloist who uses the different timbre and dynamics of various wind instruments as the name suggests, the primary drive of the band is bharata rajnošek. A master of almost any wind instrument (especially the saxophone and trumpet) is a graduate from the konzervatoř jaroslava ježka and from a course at the berklee college of music. He is a theatre music composer, a co-author of an opera, and an occasional collaborator at the concerts or recording sessions for a number of musicians of all genres. Other members of the band are jaroslav friedl (guitar, also plays in illustratosphere), vítek pospíšil (keyboards), petr dvorský (bass) and otto hejnic (drums). B.and is a group known for their forward motion and inventiveness… they are definitely not afraid of taking musical risks. A stimulating dynamic of interaction and spontaneity assures that the group live performances are always lighthearted and full of surprises.


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