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BeardyMan  And He Saw That It Was Good  BeardyMan - And He Saw That It Was Good 1:19 46 ×
BeardyMan  Vampire Skank  BeardyMan - Vampire Skank 5:18 46 ×
BeardyMan  Round The Clock Conclusions  BeardyMan - Round The Clock Conclusions 0:48 16 ×
BeardyMan  Game Over (Latex Quim)  BeardyMan - Game Over (Latex Quim) 4:11 13 ×
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About BeardyMan

Beardyman, real name Darren Foreman, is a British musician from London, known for its beatboxovým art and the use of loops in their performances.

As the first Britovi he managed to win the Championship twice in a row in the Beatbox, and that in the years 2006 and 2007. Later he began to form the whole DJ sets by using only his voice, loops and various effectors. His sets have a broad musical scope and we can hear in them elements of drum and bass, Dubstep, breakbeat, trance, techno and other genres of electronic music with reggae and country music and more. In addition, his show with his nezaměnitlený humor and work with the audience.

From 2012, moreover, is working on the development of the unit Beardytron, which according to his words, he helped make the show, according to his wishes and removed the technical limits, whose first version already introduced to the public, inter alia in the framework of the TED talks. – Translated by Automatic service


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