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100°C  Azataki  100°C – Azataki 2:57 251 ×
100°C  Jagger's Not Dead  100°C – Jagger's Not Dead 3:10 125 ×
100°C  Who I am  100°C – Who I am 3:57 136 ×
100°C  Cream  100°C – Cream 3:06 143 ×
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About 100°C

100°C is a Czech band that originated from the city of Mariánské Lázně. To this date, they released three albums – Evergreen (2004), Collage (2006) and Brant Rock (2008). In their music, they mix reggae, dub and rock’n’roll influences in a very unique and sophisticated way. Because of their frequent use of brasswind instruments and fast rhythm of many songs, some people might classify 100°C as more of a Ska band.

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