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Shivering Cortex Slovenská republika, Online v tvojej obývačke 3/7 – 18/8/2020 Shivering Cortex

About Apart

Collective of artists APART arose in 2012. Since the beginning, its main program content is publication activity going under the name APART LABEL, which is mapping artistic expressions in their local environment. It focuses on selected tendencies of contemporary art forms, observes their and dwells on building an archive of this specific environment. Our ambition is not to map artistic activities in their full spectrum. We focus our attention on such outputs and researches of art forms, which in some cases reflect our own interest in specific themes.

In close connection with publishing activities, we are organizing Situations. Their realization is in forms of lecture, presentation, projects, exhibitions or they can accompany introduction of a book or they can exist as a single art piece. Their main attribute is performative character – work with various forms of temporality, ephemerality and unrepeatable character of the work.

Parallax is an intersection of our activities from the position of being artists. It includes exhibitions which we are attending as exhibiting artists, mostly it is collective presentations of APART collective, oftentimes in collaborations with the group XYZ and close circuit of artists. Onwards it includes exhibitions, which are organized in our conception and projects, which we organize or contribute on their organization; often with international overlaps.

Publishing publications, organizing lectures, projections, curatorial projects are not seen from position of publisher, curator…, but from an artist’s perspective as an undetachable par of our artistic praxis. Today we consider the wide-spectrum of artist’s field as inevitable and last but not least collective cooperation, undergoing and evolving in constant dialogue.

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