Angelika Markul: Formuła czasu

Address ul. Plac Solny 4, Wrocław
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Curator Jarosław Lubiak

One has the impression that an abyss of time is opening up before us, from which mysterious traces, terrifying relics and moving images emerge. In addition to dinosaur tracks from 147 million years ago, there are the remains of an animal that died out about 11 thousand years ago or afterimages of a photograph that is almost a century old. Together they form a constellation that has the composition of a dream. Mythology intertwines with archaeology, ethnography with palaeontology, history with fantasy, creating a particular experience of time.

Angelika Markul very consistently develops the poetics of the dream in order to explore those dimensions of time that elude both everyday experience and scientific concepts. She develops a formula in which dreamtime and deeptime become dimensions of contemporaneity, allowing for certain symbolic reversals. While previously the artist used a kind of aesthetic violence in her work, she now uses the power of dreams to oppose the violence of the past. She does this with her own method of bearing witness.

Past events

Wrocław, OP ENHEIM fri 20/8/2021 18:30 OP_Talks: Spotkanie i wieczorne oprowadzanie po wystawie z Angeliką Markul i Jarosławem Lubiakiem
Wrocław, OP ENHEIM sat 3/7/2021 11:30 OP_Talks: Spotkanie z Angeliką Markul i Jarosławem Lubiakiem



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