Alte weiße Männer: Sophie Passmann

Address Am Flutgraben 2, Berlin
Doors 18:00
Tags Talk, Derniéra
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Language English unfriendly

Sophie Passmann is a feminist and so does not agree with the platitude, the old white man is to blame for everything.

She wants to know what is behind this cliché image and asks: When is an old white man? And maybe you can prevent becoming one? Sophie Passmann belongs to a new generation of young feminists; These are women who are proud, loud and self-determined. They want to be chief executives or housewives, have children or careers or both. And they have an enemy image, the old white man. It was never clarified exactly what the old white man is exactly. One thing is clear: He has power and he does not want to lose that power in any case.

But Sophie Passmann wants certainty instead of cheap punchlines, so she meets powerful men to talk to them about it: 'Are you an old white man and if so – why?'

The text that came out of it are some of the smartest and most powerful funniest, which one can find in this country. Sophie Passmann was in conversation with: Christoph Amend, Micky Beisenherz, Kai Diekmann, Robert Habeck, Carl Jakob Haupt, Kevin Kühnert, Rainer Langhans, Sascha Lobo, Papa Passmann, Werner Patzelt, Ulf Poschardt, Tim Raue, Marcel Reif, Peter Tauber, Jörg Thadeusz, Claus von Wagner.

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Sophie Passmann  Alte Weiße Männer  Sophie Passmann – Alte Weiße Männer 15:04 1 ×
Sophie Passmann  Und Immer Muss Man Ein Klein Bisschen Pipi  Sophie Passmann – Und Immer Muss Man Ein Klein Bisschen Pipi 7:40 1 ×



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