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Elektronische Musik, Experimental, Ambient, Experimental Tschechien
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| Wakushoppu: Zvony Proti Mlze + Core Of The Coalman Praha 10, Café V lese di., 03.06.2014 20:00 | Wakushoppu: Zvony Proti Mlze + Core Of The Coalman


Zvony proti mlze  Meßband  Zvony proti mlze – Meßband 4:33 3 ×
Zvony proti mlze  Lärchenwald  Zvony proti mlze – Lärchenwald 3:59 3 ×
Zvony proti mlze  Vogel. Ausstopfung  Zvony proti mlze – Vogel. Ausstopfung 2:49 1 ×
Zvony proti mlze  Ohrensessel  Zvony proti mlze – Ohrensessel 4:31 1 ×

Über Zvony proti mlze

Duo Bells anti fog consists of two members of the improvisational team The Pololáníks, nominated this year for the price of vinyl in the category Discovery of the year. If you can say that Pololáníci consists in partial secrecy, their electro-acoustic branch Bells anti fog even more mysterious and secretive. Information, leaving behind are deliberately confusing and zaumné and zaumné is their EP sagte er, their dacha, quoting the title of a novel by Thomas Bernhard loser. – Translated by Automatic service

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